9/20/2022 - ELEMENTS

Three or Four sets
banded strict pull-up x 6-8
palov press and  rotation x 6-8/side
banded or barbell goodmorning x 8-10
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9/20/2022 - STRENGTH

Three or Four sets
STRICT or weighted pull-up x 6-10
palov press + rotation x 8-10/side
Barbell goodmorning x 8-10
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9/20/2022 - SWEAT

Run 150m
hanging knee raise x 10
box jump x 15
ab-mat sit-up x 20
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9/20/2022 - TRAIN

Three rounds
run 300m + plank x remaining time
toe 2 bar x 60 seconds
box jump x 60 seconds
weighted sit-up x 60 seconds (25/20#)
rest 1 minute

score it total reps
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