6/27/2022 - ELEMENTS

Four or Five sets of
Goblet Squat x 8-10 @20X1
Pallof press x 6-8/side
KB romainian Deadlift x 10-12
plank and reach x 8-10/side
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6/27/2022 - STRENGTH

Front Squat

build to a heavy three reps
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6/27/2022 - SWEAT

Russian step-up x 8-10/side
push-up x 10
Plank shoulder tap x 10/side
Ab mat sit-up x 20
*Every 4 min
Row x 20/15 cal
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6/27/2022 - TRAIN

Three rounds of
Ring Dip  x 10
Hang power Clean x 10 (135/95#)
Air squat x 50
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