6/22/2022 - ELEMENTS

Three or Four sets of
DB Curl and press x 8-10
DB Front rack reverse lunge x 8-10/side
Side plank pulse x 8-10/side
Banded Glute Bridge x 15-20
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6/22/2022 - STRENGTH

Four or Five sets of
Clean and jerk x 1

Three sets
push press x 3-5
banded side plank row x 6-8/side
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6/22/2022 - SWEAT

four or five
DB Thruster x 15
lateral bench hop x 10/side
bench dip x 15-20
AB-mat sit-up x 20
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6/22/2022 - TRAIN

Thruster (95/65#)

*** after each set
AB-mat sit-up x 20
Double Under x 30 or lateral bar hop x 10/side
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