11/23/2021 - ELEMENTS

3 sets:
Jump rope practice x 40-60 sec
Reverse Mnt climber x 6-8/side
Dead stop Russian twist x 10-12/side
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11/23/2021 - STRENGTH

Double under cycle week 1/5
3 sets:
Double under x 30-50
Reverse Mnt climber x 8-10/side
Dead stop Russian twist x 15/side
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11/23/2021 - SWEAT

15 min AMRAP
Step-up x 10/side
Row x 250m/200m
HR push-up x 10/8
Elevated plank row x 10/side
Run x 150m
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11/23/2021 - TRAIN

15 min AMRAP
Calorie row x 20/15
DB front rack step x 20
Renegade push-up x 10 (push-up + row L + row R)

*Every 4 min
Run x 300m
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