11/19/2021 - ELEMENTS

3 sets:
KB Romanian deadlift x 8-10
Lateral plank walk x 10m/side

3 sets:
Banded abduction Hip bridge x 15-20
STRICT hanging knee raise x 8-10 with slow descend!
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11/19/2021 - STRENGTH

Romanian deadlift cycle week 2/6
3 sets:
Banded Romanian deadlift x 8-10
Lateral plank walk x 10-15m/side

3 sets:
Elevated shoulders weighted single leg hip bridge x 8-10/side
STRICT toes-2-bar x 8-10
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11/19/2021 - SWEAT

2 or 3 rounds
KB swing x 15
Jump SQUAT x 20
Toes-2-pillar x 15
Mnt climber x 20/side
Calorie x 15/12

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11/19/2021 - TRAIN

10 min AMRAP
Hang SQUAT clean x 10 (95/65)
Shoulder-2-OH x 10
Calorie bike x 20/15
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