Meet Our Team

Ernie Albers

As a kid and young man I played sports and was involved in a lot of active youth groups. After high school I found myself in the cooking industry and excelled to the point where I got to be chef and help open two restaurants. Along with this success I also developed some very unhealthy habits of staying up late, drinking, and smoking cigarettes. I started my functional fitness journey in 2012 at almost 300 lbs. I quickly fell in love and was known as the guy who would throw up after every workout. That year, life also decided to challenge me with a lot of personal growth. I engulfed myself into the community and felt the love and support I needed and craved. I got my level 1 Crossfit cert that same year. Still being a chef and growing my passion as a coach I decided to take the big leap of faith and stopped cooking. The past 6 years have been amazing. From losing 80+lbs, to my wife having our beautiful son. I;ve gotten my level 2 CrossFit cert and am in the process of getting my level 1 and level 2 Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certs. I have been blessed with so much opportunity. Building people up and being apart of their journey is my passion. My approach as a coach is to create a fun and safe environment. Moving well and creating better movement patterns. I believe in what I do, and do it with passion and love. But also am willing to make a fool of myself just to get a laugh :) I am so very excited and proud to welcome you to LiFTED.

David Kirlin

My name is David and I like helping people get fit.  I have been a CrossFit coach and a kickboxing instructors since 2011.  My personal goals for my coaching include; Keeping people safe and helping them achieve their goals, all while having a great time.  Some of my favorite things besides working out include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, surfing, skating, pizza, and hanging out with the Lifted Community.

Becca Carniello

I truly love finding new and creative ways to help people achieve the movement patterns they desire. As someone who has been through countless injuries I am dedicated to keeping my athletes movements safe and effective. My athletic background includes; 12 years in acrobatics and tumbling and 3 years of competitive Olympic lifting.

Kelly Ridgway

I began my fitness journey in 2010 when i graduated college, quit my job, and finally ended my pack-a-day smoking habit.  I needed something to fill the void and fell in love with a bootcamp class where I started working out 3 times per week.  I was able to lose 20 pounds over the summer.  My drive to continue my fitness kept increasing until I finally stumbled upon Crossfit.  Crossfit had a way to push me in ways I had never experienced.  It not only challenged me physically, but it also pushed me to re-evaluate my personal habits and relationships.  The older I get, the more my fitness goals expand. I have never been as excited about fitness as I am moving onto LiFTED Arcata!  As a coach with LiFTED, I hope to assist others with setting goals and realizing their potential!

Timothy Welsh

After finding fitness in my late twenties I really fell in love.  I fell in love with helping other people learn to move their bodies, gain confidence, and become happier, healthier people.  I myself experienced some great gains, and had a blast learning to become a weightlifter and all of the skills needed to coach people at a high end functional fitness box. Unfortunately for me, my eagerness to advance without building the proper foundation caused me to learn the hard way that high intensity and heavy weights all of the time is not a recipe for success for everyone. But being part of a great community is, so finding a way to provide the right programs for people to use to really benefit themselves while also keeping the community feel of a box became the goal.   Fortunately for me, my body was my education, and I became a better coach just learning from my own mistakes.  I hope LiFTED is a place where I can heal, and grow, and build the proper foundation to support the weights I intend on lifting.  And a place where everyone can come and heal, and grow and build the life that they envision for themselves!